Marketing & Advertising

We work with you to create content that will drive revenues.  Using analytics from websites, surveys, and your internal information we’ll put you on the right track towards customer acquisition.  We provide ad creation for both web and classic marketing.

Web Presence Management

Whether it’s creating a new presence online, or rebuilding an old one for the future- we can handle all of your web presence needs including: Website Management,  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and more!

Brand Identity

Do consumers know why your company is different?…Do they recognize your brand?  We have a customer oriented approach to brand identity.  We combined our business knowledge with your brand desires to create a uniform identity for your company…and we don’t sacrifice quality design in the process.

Creative Services

From photography, ad designs, and illustrations, to wall murals,  logos, and video…  In Todos Creative (ToC) we have experience providing visual products and services of the highest quality.  Our creative approach involves meticulous attention to detail and open lines of communication with out clients.  We’re proud of our versatility.  – and we guarantee our results.

Consulting & Strategy

We offer consulting for businesses who are creating, or re-developing, marketing and advertising departments or strategies.  Our approach for consulting involves a highly intimate relationship with our clients, where we devise a strategy that is specific to their needs.  Once we’ve laid this foundation, we work as a companion to lay the building blocks of your new system.  Then, we stick around to make sure the transition to independence works.


Our company originates with roots in the Tennessee and Virginia mountains. Over the past two years, our team has worked effortlessly to learn and grow. We recognize the importance of diversity, drive, and well-rounded education. It is precisely for those reasons that we have a strong passion for knowledge sharing. As our company grows, we are dedicating time and resources towards the collective improvement of the world. It has been long in the making, but Todos is proudly looking forward to the 2017 launch of several free educational resources and events to be hosted online,  in the Lee County, VA area, and Washington D.C. metropolitan region.


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